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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

Yes - a Psychic connects with the energy field of a person in their physical body (and this
does not have to be in the same room physically) and a Medium connects with the energy
of beings in spirit.
A Psychic Medium can, therefore, connect with both and although I am unable to guarantee
a connecting with a particular loved one in spirit, if you are meant to hear a message of
affection and clarification from a dear loved one in spirit, you will.

What can I expect from a Reading with Kaz?
Firstly, you can expect my full attention! My aim is always to focus on bringing my clients love, light, clarity, healing and guidance. I do not receive bad news from my guides to pass on to my clients and I don’t tend to focus on your past. (you already know what happened!)
The sessions are generally light-hearted and uplifting with messages and advice for your highest good.

How can Readings and Healing sessions work online as well as in person?Good question! I connect to your energy field (everything is energy!) which is infinite, not to your physical body, so online sessions are absolutely just as effective as in person.

Do you offer anonymous bookings?

Absolutely! I actually often prefer anonymous bookings because they allow me to tune into my client's energy without any prior knowledge about them which may influence my human ego mind.  It's a great way for organising Psychic Readings and Energy Healing in particular.

If you have any further questions,  please do let me know via the Contact Page or by telephone on +44 7535147204


Kaz is amazing at what she does, I love our readings and always come away feeling clear and lighter.

Could not recommend Kaz more for a reading and guidance am already look forward to our next one


I had a reading with kaz and she brought forward someone very special to me that was 100% my hope when I messaged kaz! The reading helped me heal to some extent from the loss and also raised alot of questions about my life and my own connection with spirit.....I would highly recommend a reading with her I will certainly be back in contact in the near future. 


Highly recommend this lovely lady. In just one session I learnt and managed to understand so much more than I ever thought possible

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