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Generally, I see my clients on weekday afternoons but I can also offer Saturdays or weekday evenings if this helps.

Please contact me via the Contact page or call/text me on 07545-147204 for availability and we will find a suitable day/time for you!


Sound Therapy:

Here in the West we are finally understanding the benefits of Sound Therapy used by ancient healers for thousands of years. 


Sound Therapy is the use of various instruments such as drums, gongs, bells, singing bowls etc to heal the human body. The resonance of the different sounds changes the cells in the body and clears energetic blockages which can cause dis-ease. This then allows energy to flow freely throughout the body to bring about healing. 


Sound Therapy is great for relieving stress! When stress builds up it starts to cause physical problems for the body itself such as anxiety, allergies, insomnia, pain, lowered immune system etc. By positively affecting the energy flow in the body by using Sound Therapy, we can alleviate these energetic effects of stress. 


There are many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits to Sound Therapy and regular access to this healing modality is highly beneficial to our general wellbeing. 

Sound Therapy for 1

One-to-one -in West Kingsdown     ~ 60+ mins*          £55


Sound Therapy for 2

Two people - in West Kingsdown     ~ 60+ mins*          £80


Group Sound Therapy                       ~ 60+ mins*          £140

Up to four people in your own home (distance depending)

*allow up to 90 minutes for the whole appointment.


Past Life Regression:
Past Life regression hypnosis can help to identify issues which you may have brought through into this lifetime from a previous lifetime. For example, you may have a fear of being abandoned but it's not something you've experienced in this lifetime... so abandonment might come up during your session to access a past life. During your session, once these issues or deep-rooted emotions are identified we will go through a beautiful visualisation to safely clear those issues for healing and transformation for your highest good. The sessions are safe, relaxing and fascinating! 

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes, in-person only in lovely Hettie the Healing Hut (West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks), with an initial telephone consultation. 
£88 per session   |   4 session course: £300 (£75 each, saving £52)

click here to view Past Life Regression testimonials

Using my intuition and my beautiful Angel Tarot Cards as a tool, I work with my guides to bring comfort, clarity and guidance to my clients. This could be related to your family, relationships, career, money matters or life in general. Readings can bring you healing and a clearer understanding of your life path. As a Psychic, I connect to YOUR energy (and do not need to physically be in the same room as you for this) and as a Medium, I connect to the spirit realm residing in another dimension to bring evidence of survival and messages of love and comfort from your loved ones. 
30 mins for £33    |    1 hour for £55

Energy Healing:
We all have the ability to help to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit. As an Energy
Healer, I connect with your energy, sending pure healing energy, and act as a catalyst to activate your healing process. This can be for a specific ailment which I can pick up by scanning your energy field, or for general wellbeing. Energy Healing is in addition to (not in replacement of) any medications you have been prescribed by your medical professional. During your Energy Healing session I will also realign your seven main Chakras using my crystal pendulum.
30 mins for £33   |   4 session course: £110  (saving £22)


Spiritual Spa:
A very popular session with my clients... Energy Healing followed by a Reading.
Total appointment time - 1hr 15mins approx. 

Spiritual Mentoring:
Some of my clients have come to me because they feel that they’re at the start of their spiritual journey and would like some guidance of how to move forward. Others have been opening up more spiritually but feel that they’ve come to a standstill; feeling a little ‘stuck’.  

During your Mentoring session or sessions, we will chat through what’s going on for you right now and our guides will give you advice and encouragement as well as strategies which will best help you personally.
30 mins for £33    |    1 hour for £55


All payments are kindly requested upon booking to secure your appointment. Details will be provided for bank transfer.  



There is no additional charge if you find you need to reschedule your appointment but please let me know as soon as possible!



Payment will be refunded in full if cancelling up to 48 hours prior to your appointment. 



Kaz is amazing at what she does, I love our readings and always come away feeling clear and lighter.

Could not recommend Kaz more for a reading and guidance am already look forward to our next one


I had a reading with kaz and she brought forward someone very special to me that was 100% my hope when I messaged kaz! The reading helped me heal to some extent from the loss and also raised alot of questions about my life and my own connection with spirit.....I would highly recommend a reading with her I will certainly be back in contact in the near future. 


Highly recommend this lovely lady. In just one session I learnt and managed to understand so much more than I ever thought possible

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